About Us

YO! Welcome to THE BUBBLE!

My name is Tracy.  I am a proud, “LLCoolMom” (Life & Love) of two boys or shall I say young men.  They are my daily inspiration and members of the behind the scene “Bubble Team.”  I could not do any of this without them.  I started “Bubbling” when my youngest was still in Elementary school.  I would send him off to school giving him sweet lunch notes of various fun or sports facts, quirky jokes, cute pics or doodles and would always draw a whimsical bubble around each as I placed them in his backpack, lunchbox, by his toothbrush or upon his pillow.  It was a fun way to add an extra smile to his day. 

So, with unexpected unemployment in 2020, I took my quirky jokes, sport and fun facts, adorkable doodles and started creating the collection of HAPPY BUBBLE NOTES.  There are currently EIGHT, smile boosting, fun categories and ELEVEN various variety packs to choose from for your family’s likes and needs. I am bubbled over with GRATITUDE that you are here, and I thank you for helping us BOOST SMILES and CONFIDENCE ONE BUBBLE AT A TIME!

In this Bubble, we like to keep the VIBES POSITIVE.  Please share how you have already uniquely used or will use your Bubbles to Boost the LOVE around you.  I would love to possibly share your story in my Bubble Blog!  If you haven’t yet been hooked, please click on the Bubble Blog, and take a LOOK!

Special Thanks to my Team!

Without you, none of this would be possible!