Get the Conversation Started

Use any of the Happy Bubble Notes for fun, family dinner chats or maybe family game night.  Perhaps on your long or short car rides to keep the chats moving and grooving. 

Who does not like to laugh? Okay maybe there are a few, but guaranteed, they are not reading this Happy Bubble blurb!  You are! Have some giggles during your bites on the go with YO! HA~HA on the GO! These colorful, crack-me up cards are filled with silly, funny, eye-rolling kid jokes.  Perfect way to add a BOOSTING SMILE to anyone’s face.  These cards could be an “icebreaker” for anyone to share and make a new friend or be the “teacher’s pet”!

Peeps!  Who doesn’t like to choose?  Nothing makes a kid feel OH SO SPECIAL like making some darn choices for themselves.  Did your kiddo do something AMAZING that day or for someone?  Let’s show them the LOVE!  Give them a little POWER BOOST with A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS Bubble cards.  You just could be eating Ice Cream Sundaes, guiltfree, for dinner.  YOU’RE WELCOME!