Nov 2020


Tracy Warnock



FEAR. It’s crazy that a four-letter word is attached to such an enormous emotion! Fear can take ahold of us and pin us down like a chokeslam. What if we could break the hold, push through, and take a small step forward and through it? Well, maybe we could find ourselves feeling happier emotion like relief and accomplishment. I love those feelings! They are the coolest!

Fear is a dominant emotion.  Yes, it can instantly warn us, and it can keep us safe when necessary. All the same, it can also make us believe we can’t do something, and it can tell us the risk is too high.  Fear is one of the powerhouse emotions we do not have to hang out with all the time. It can keep us from enjoying life. 

So, why do we act like we are BFFs with fear?  We take him everywhere. He becomes larger than life.  He wants to be put up on a pedestal! He is needy, irrational, and obnoxious to be around. Yeah, we might think he looks swag with all his certainty, but he convinces us we can’t do or go anywhere without him. Seriously, when you are hanging out with fear, he can really be a downer! We give him OUR POWER! Now, don’t think you are going to the VIP Positive-Party with fear on your side. You will not get past the Mood-Bouncer with you know who.

Once we realize fear has been holding us back and making us feel paralyzed, it presents the question, “How do we become fearless?”  Do we have to be a superhero?  The criteria to become a superhero is a bit grim and it seems like a lonely gig. This not to mention superpowers have just as many cons as pros. Among other things, not all superheroes are without fear. How about Spiderman? We all know Peter Parker was hesitant before he swung through the air on his stringy web. Fear was right next to him. Nonetheless, Spidey prevailed, propelled forward, and flew!  Also, Batman proves that you don’t need a superpower to face fear. Batman just puts forth effort and gets things done.  As in the movies and real life, life doesn’t always work out every time. Peter Parker fell a lot! The same goes with Batman. We didn’t see it always work out splendidly for either one of them. Despite pushing through and still failing, they did not let fear keep them down.  They did not listen to fear, which was telling them to hang up their power suits. They got up, over and over, again, and again.  They became fearless the more they walked through their fear! Sure, we can certainly say, “That is just Hollywood!”, but what about the real-life heroes that save us every day? The many who carry 100-pound packs on their backs, like our mighty, superhuman firefighters?  Our doctors, nurses and all the many courageous men and women of the military!  They are fearless warriors!  What makes them fearless are their actions!  We know every situation does not work out even for this daring crew. Many may feel like they flew into another brick building doing what they do.  Yet, they just keep getting up and deciding that four-letter word will not control them.  They overcome and triumph daily!

There are heart-felt, heroic stories every day in our world: ordinary neighbors, friends, family, and co-workers doing amazing feats. Not one waited to see what fear was doing and asked him to come along.  They just did it! They kicked butt!

I spent many years with fear in the lead.  There is no telling of all the fun times I missed. It was there as I threw up at piano recitals and while I was spewing at sporting competitions. It was there during my knee-shaking job interviews.  Boy, oh boy, he mocked me while I was shrinking at the thought of speaking in front of others. There were times I was so fear-ridden I would faint! Unbeknownst to me, I was passing the “baton of fear” onto others that were nearby and picking me up off the floor. Ugh, I am not just someone who is saying “Just do it!”. I have done it! I keep on doing it and you can too! 

If you don’t believe me… believe this! It is said that “Fear not!” is mentioned in the Bible approximately 365 times.  It seems like God set that up perfectly, of course! Just like God! A “Fear not” message for everyday of the year. Yeah, that was Him for sure.  In Isaiah 41:13 it clearly states “…your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, do not fear; I will help you.”  I don’t know about you, but that seems like a whole lot of honest, to God-goodness assistance.

So, you do not need to shoot webs from your wrist, carry a 100-pound pack on your back or drive a fancy Batmobile, as stellar as that would be.  All you must do is believe and act! Have faith and hold God’s hand. You can become the master of your own destiny when it comes to conquering your fears! With each small step, you can lead your own way to regaining your power and joy back. You may feel discomfort at first and you may trip and fall, but that is okay!  Get back up and stride forward over and over, again and again. Leave fear where it belongs, behind you! 

Directly PASS GO, collect your cool, confident emotion at your VIP CELEBRATION!!  PUSH THROUH into your Positive Party and do your FEARLESS HAPPY DANCE into enjoying your life!


  • 23 Nov 2020 marybeth cobbs

    I love that FEAR is something that was recorded way back to the biblical times. Whenever I am feeling fear over something, I now know that God is not far away. I can breathe a little easier knowing that my faith is much bigger than my fear. Great blog. Thanks for sharing.

  • 23 Nov 2020 Wendy

    I love this Blog, I love how we can conquer fear, as the bible says “Perfect Love drives out Fear”…. He truly is the perfect Love ,thanks for the insight , great job on this Blog

  • 23 Nov 2020 Carlton Knight

    Great post. I love the personification that you used for fear. People really do treat it like a person they take with them everywhere they go. I also loved the fun fact of how “Fear Not” is in the Bible 365 times. I didn’t know that. It’s just like God to put a coded message to say that we can be fearless 365 days of the year. Thank you for writing!

  • 23 Nov 2020 Karen

    Hi there girlie, very nice blog from one who has picked you up off the floor and vice verse. I love yah. Hope your ok.

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