Trust Yourself
Nov 2020


Tracy Warnock

Trust Yourself

In this whirling merry-go-round of social media, constant news blurbs, along with the numerous “ding-ding” notifications make it downright tough to be quiet for a few moments and listen to ourselves.  Believe me, I am right there twirling with you. 

I know social media is where I need to be in the hopes of growing my Happy Bubble Notes business from a couple grains of pixie dust, but YIKES, it AIN’T easy!

So, if we are listening and watching everyone else, when do we listen to our own internal team?  Our own “ding-ding” notifications?  Our hearts?  Our guts?  That voice within? They have a lot to say! They even warn us! It doesn’t cost anything. We just must stop, ask, and listen! Easy breezy! We have full access! So, why do we question that gnawing feeling, push it aside and say nah?  We have a few of the biggest tools in our own toolbox, yet we head over to our neighbors for a hammer to fix a light switch.  Do you get what I am saying? 

What if we just took a few minutes and observe (“Zen for Ten”) what our gut and heart have to say?  They have all our answers!  Paying attention to our voice, our gut and our heart allows us to make the best decisions consistently for ourselves. That team within keeps us grounded!  They make us more sure and confident. They pave the way for more open-hearted, honest relationships with others.  They know what the heck they are doing!  The more we listen to our coaches, the stronger the relationship becomes. They won’t leave us and never ever fail us, and they always have our backs.  Shouldn’t we show them the love and give our squad of gurus a little listen?                                                                                                                                   


  • 01 Nov 2020 marybeth cobbs

    This blog hit home with me. Wish I could have read this before some of the decisions I have made in my life. I will now listen to that ‘inner voice’, my intuition that says to take a step back and take a few minutes to listen to what that little voice is saying. Great Blog!

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