Bro Apologies
Oct 2020


Tracy Warnock

Bro Apologies

Today, I want to give a shout out and applaud the boys, the bros, the guys, the gentlemen of our globe.  There is something to be said on how boys compete, communicate, rough-house, and express themselves!  How guys simply communicate their feelings and bond in their “boy-club”; it really is a phenomenon.

Boys commonly make relationships among their peers and other bros much less complicated then girls do.  I am not saying this is the case 100% of the time; it is just a small observation Moms of athletic boys can attest to this magnificence.  Boys in general tend to “trash talk” which makes me cringe!  Moreover, they don’t mean most of it.  It is just common language, especially in a competition. It is part of the warm-up routine.  Furthermore, when they have a physical altercation (we are talking knock down, fists flying, roll in the dirt pow-wow), within a short period of time they shoulder slap (which I believe is a semi-bro-hug), fist bump or shake and say, “Yo! We good, bro?”  They honestly “let it go” like Elsa!  Are you kidding me? This is astonishing!  It is simply amazing and was unknown to me until I became a mom of two boys and observed this ritual! “Yo! We good, bro?” When girls have a disagreement, there is a whole slew of nasty evil-eyes, a multitude of behind-the-back verbal communication, group-girl texting, friend divides and so many more slinging insults that you would think you were in a ring with a bunch of pint-sized Rhonda Rousey types . It is not pretty!      

Now, we can put some sassy science into this regarding boys being wired differently than the girls. The boy’s frontal lobe has less blood flow to the male brain, which scientifically causes less verbal communication than girls.  Maybe it is in the limbic system, proving that females promote communication and males are more likely to take physical action.  It is also proven that boy brains have less oxytocin so males are less motivated biologically to please others and simply don’t care as much as girls do on certain issues. All I know is, I am mesmerized when I have ever witnessed this triumph by the guys in this world.  They tend to not hold grudges like us girls do.  We tend to hold on to every word, tuck it in the memory bank and bring it out on when the ammunition is needed. Talk about science? This is a female art! Boys be aware of this talent, please!

No matter how many times I have observed this male bonding ritual, it still fascinates me! I think as a female we could learn from this bro-belief! They earn my applause today!  WAY TO GO, BRO!



  • 30 Oct 2020 marybeth cobbs

    Love the dive into understanding the science of the male vs female brain. Fascinating. Maybe the guys are onto something! Love the blog.

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