Word Scramble
Oct 2020


Tracy Warnock

Word Scramble

YO! What do you spell with these eight letters?  Y E L U V I O O (Hint: 3 words)

These eight little letters by themselves don’t say too much, but when we untangle them and put them in place, they hold the highest, most intense affection and warmth for another person! Yes, just eight letters! Three simple words out of the million words in our English language have so much power. The priceless words “I love you” hold the grandest statement in everyone’s hearts across the globe! It is rather mind-blowing, but at the same time, we may have all felt some level of it somehow. If for some reason you haven’t, you may be one of the many that are climbing the “Mount Everest of Love”, which is okay too. KEEP CLIMBING!

Here is the crazy thing about these words.  They can be flippant and just friendly. We can say, “OMG, I love those shoes.”  We can have the butterfly-spring-in-our-steps-first love, best-friend love, self-love, playful, flirty love or romantic and lustful love. (Keeping it rated G here, peeps).  There is the sweet love we have for our furry friends.  There’s the love we have for our athletic teams, our possessions, our passions, and hobbies. There are just so many!

However, we must talk about family love. That one is an enormously complicated love category!  With family love, you can feel utterly annoyed with another person, yet still have this oddly deep, eye-rolling, defending love for them.  How is that possible?

Oh my, how can we not talk about the mac-daddy of love…unconditional love, or as I would like to call it, “baby love!”  No matter how tough, famous, big or royal you think you are, when you feel that “baby love” for the first time, it grabs ahold of your heart and can take you to your knees.  (Usually in prayer mode because you have no idea what just happened, and you are praying for your life!)  This genuine love gives your heart a slice and small branding of magical emotion!  Your heart has turned upside down and inside out!  It is a love that pops you out of your self-absorbed world so fast and into another dimension, you would think Harry Potter was beside you with his wand.  I mean seriously, what love takes you caring for another little human being, sleeping maybe an hour, wiping explosive diarrhea off your right eyebrow all while cleaning the cutest, cheekiest baby bum and smiling?  It is the love you stay in for the long-haul.

Sure, you can fall in love and out of love, but there is no way out of the unconditional love category without some major surgery and scarring.  You may even get a little bruised in this unlimited love category.  Oh, let’s just say it! You will take some severe lickings, knocks, cuts, thousands of insults, maybe a few slap downs and a few trillion eye-rolls, yet somehow this transforming LOVE makes you resilient and a big ball of mush. YO! That is some serious, messed-up, gut-wrenching, tingling, feel-good, dynamic emotion we can have for one another.  These three words, eight single letters are something we as a universe all have in common! No way! We can’t all share and agree on the same emotion, could we?  Well, that is mind blowing in itself!  I say, if we all have a little love, we could spare… why not share and show each other we really do care…  Just one bubble at a time!  



  • 16 Oct 2020 marybeth cobbs

    Great Blog! To Love and be loved is such a great gift!!!

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