Welcome to THE BUBBLE!
Oct 2020


Tracy Warnock

Welcome to THE BUBBLE!

YO! Welcome to the Bubble!  If you have not read my BIO, please let me introduce myself.  My name is Tracy.  I am a proud “LLCoolMom” of two young men, Jake, and Luke.  Also known as my Bubble Team!  By the way, “LL” represents Life and Love for me! 

As of yesterday, I was NOT a Blogger!  So as Aladdin would say… “This is a whole new world…”

This LLCoolMom loves to keep things HAPPY and the Vibes here super positive, hence my blog name Happy Bubble Blog.  (Wink! Wink!)

Who hasn’t thought about, if even for a few seconds, that they want to retreat and live in a safe, joyful place or bubble where there is no pandemic, no political divide, no road rage, and perfectly coiffed hair?  Hey, I believe even the people at Calgon made a whole bunch of “bank” monopolizing on the withdrawal of “real life” and phrased a term we may all be familiar with which is … “Calgon, take me away!”   So, here at this Bubble, I am giving all the above, except for my coiffed hair.  I live in South Florida and it is pretty much impossible to live the dream of “non-frizzy hair” here.

Even though we are keeping things upbeat in the Bubble, by no means am I the type of person who sticks her frizzed head in the sand and delivers pageant answers when I speak.  I am just keeping the vibes in this Happy Bubble safe and specific. 

Happy and being positive is an intended choice.  If you are not there yet, it is never too late to retrain the brain into a “Can Do”, cheerful direction.  That is the whole concept behind Happy Bubble Notes.  They are SMALL cards that boost BIG LOVE, CONFIDENCE, MOTIVATION, and HOPE.  Not only to give to our kiddos, but to our partners, besties, teachers, maybe a caregiver or waiter and how about ourselves.  YES, let’s not forget yourself. Don’t we all need just a smidge more SMILE BOOSTING in our lives?  Happy Bubble Notes are transparent tools to help us do just that.

We all have choices every single day, sometimes every moment!  We can prefer to watch and hear what we want.  We can try new foods, we can go a different direction, we can even elect to put our phones down. Not an easy task! LOL We can all choose a bit more HAPPY and select to pass some along.  Plain and simple right?   Some days yes and other days... HECK NO!  Some days seem to be too much!  Those days we have all experienced and may look back on and cringe.  Those days I mutter to speak of, take us into overload and leave us weary and wondering.  Since, I have had many of those dishearten days, through my many years, I now choose not to fully engulf myself into the negativity that could suck me into a deep hole.  I simply try to elect to get the important bullet points of the day’s events, shuffle my emotions and tasks to the highest of importance and hopefully not forget to show my small world of cutie pies how grateful I am and how much I adore them, whether it is with my own spoken words or perhaps a cheerful, sweet note of surprise!  Unfortunately, I do not get this right more than I would like to admit, and I am thankful to have a sweet note to do the talking for me at times.

So, what I am trying to say is, if for a moment we can take a bubble break from the world of crazy, I would love to do that with you.  My goal here at the Bubble Blog, is to bring in some real life, a little fun, and a few Happy Bubble Notes of encouragement and enthusiasm.  If you would allow me to pass along an ant-size amount of HAPPY and you in return pass a morsel of JOY and INSPIRATION to someone else… At the end of our day, we can lay our tired heads upon our puffy pillows and know we did pretty darn good boosting some smiles in our BIG World or at least boosted some cute smirks in our SMALL Worlds.


  • 15 Oct 2020 marybeth cobbs

    Came across your blog and love the bubble notes. The magic that these little notes possess can literally change someone’s day in an instant. Love the concept, and I especially love your blog. Put a smile on my face! Can’t wait to read more blogs.

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